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About our Transition Homes

About The Project

This program was started after we started feeding people living on the streets of San Salvador and we would see children that have grown up in the government orphanages. We would ask why they are sleeping on the street and eating out of the garbage cans, and it was because they had turned 18 and had nowhere to go home to. 


The families, children and adolescents of El Salvador suffer from many different problems including health, economic, and cultural problems, some related to the Salvadoran Civil War. The government is doing what it can, but for the population in these centers (orphanages) life is difficult. According to the Salvadoran law, when these young people become adults (eighteen years) they must leave the centers-where they may have lived and become independent of the system. Some government agencies try to help these young people but lack the necessary programs and tools. There is nothing in place to prepare or to train them for life outside the centers. With the support of directors from different government centers of protection, social workers, phycologists and judges, His Children Foundation created transitional homes for these young people. This two-year program seeks to prepare these children not only emotionally and mentally, but spiritually and professionally, equipping them to live an independent life. This project started in 2010.



Young people who are turning of age (18-24 years) come out of government centers or youth incarceration centers of protection with no other resources and at-risk young adults.

General Objective

Provide a safe home and life skills for the young person leaving a center of protection (orphanage or youth prison) enabling them to adapt to an independent life and successfully enter society after a period of up to 2 years. Young people will make the decision if they want to enter the program and can exit the program at any time if their goals have been reached or they do not want to obey the rules. If they complete this program they can move into our independent Next Step program, so they can stay in the city of San Salvador and continue studying in University or working.

5 Specific Objectives

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Spiritual Health

  • Job Skills and training

  • Continued Education

General Objective
Transition Home Photos
Testimonials from the kids


Marina Urias (One of the girls, formerly in the transition home)

¡¡Mi Familia .........una que siempre están en mi corazón no de sangre, pero sí de amor ese inmenso cariño que cada uno de ellos ganaron en mi vida son ese regalo que Dios mandando para mi cada uno de ellos me aceptaron tal y como soy me enseñaron a ser alguien en la vida sus consejos y cada una de sus palabras que me decía construyeron la señorita que soy hoy y que pondré en práctica!! Hay un hombre que me enseño que para dar amor y carina no tiene límites ni fronteras y ese ejemplo se lo debo a el hombre que sin conocerme me amo y me ayudo hacer una mejor persona # Thank you Kurt E Ackermann
My Family ......... one that is always in my heart not of blood but of love that immense affection that each one of them gained in my life is that gift that God sent to me each one of them. They accepted as I am, they taught me to be someone in life, their advice and each of their words that they told me built the young lady that I am today and that I will put into practice!! There is a man who taught me that to give love and affection has no limits or boundaries and that example I owe to the man who without knowing me I love and help me to make a better person # Thank you Kurt E Ackermann


(One of the transition home boys)

Hola Kurt espero que te sientas muy bien te escribo para desearte bendiciones y que tus deseos se estén cumpliendo te agradezco por la oportunidad que me dieron de estar en ese lugar perdona que no pude despedirme de ti y agradecerte en persona pero realmente yo estaba entusiasmado de estar ahí pero quiero contarte que yo con mi familia estaba siendo un rebelde me portaba mal con mi familia y llegar allá Me sirvió de mucho porque al estar en ese lugar me di cuenta que en realidad aprecio a mi familia pues me hacía falta mi familia y por esa razón ya no estuve en ese lugar aunque también a ustedes los aprecio mucho y me hacen falta y te pido perdón por haberlos dejado te agradezco por la ayuda que nos querías dar y te deseo lo mejor y saluda a todos de parte de mi bendiciones papá Kurt perdona por no escribir en inglés.
Hello Kurt I hope you feel very good I write you to wish you blessings and that your wishes are being fulfilled. I thank you for the opportunity they gave me to be in that place. Sorry that I could not say goodbye to you and thank you in person but really I was excited about to be there. But I want to tell you that I was being a rebel with my family, I was misbehaving with my family and getting there it helped me a lot because when I was in that place I realized that I really appreciate my family because I needed my family. And for that reason I was not in that place but I also appreciate you very much and I need you and I apologize for leaving them. I thank you for the help you wanted to give us and I wish you all the best and greet everyone. Blessing’s dad Kurt. Pardon, for not writing in English.

Erick Hernandez (Sus Hijos built a house for he and his family)

Queridos amigos
Soy Erick Oswaldo Hernández estaba recordándolos: La señora Tami, Hernest, Daniel y todos, Eugin, quería decirles de nuevo gracias porque el invierno pasado llovió mucho y donde estaba mi casa antes parecía rio pero gracias a Dios en mi casa nueva solo oímos pasar todo.
Quiero contarles que ya estoy sano y gracias por sus oraciones. El día que oraron aquí en mi casa sentí que fuego por mi cabeza y salió hasta mis pies, le conté a mi mamá y me dijo estás sano. Toda mi Familia está contenta y les mandamos saludos.
La Familia Hernández Mendoza
Dear friends
I'm Erick Oswaldo Hernández and I was remembering them: Mrs. Tami, Ernest, Daniel and everyone, Eugen, I wanted to tell you again, thank you because last winter it rained a lot and where my house was before it seemed like a river but thank God in my new house we only hear everything happen. I want to tell you that I am healthy and thank you for your prayers. The day they prayed here in my house I felt that fire through my head and went out to my feet, I told my mom and she told me that I am healthy. My whole family is happy, and we send greetings.
The Hernández Mendoza family
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